Teeth Whitening Promotions

Our patients now enjoy the option of picking one of our two popular teeth whitening packages.

Our first package offers FREE laser teeth whitening with your exam and cleaning. If you have dental insurance your exam, x-rays and cleaning are covered through your PPO dental insurance. Without a PPO plan that we accept, your cost for the exam and cleaning will be $149 with the teeth whitening still complimentary.

Our second package of $79 laser teeth whitening, we offer to our patients who simply want to get their teeth whitening and have already had their cleaning within the last 4-6 months. However, a cleaning and polishing is highly recommended before the teeth whitening process for the best results!

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Frequently Asked Questions About Teeth Whitening

Q: How long does the whole process take?
A: A thorough cleaning with an exam will usually take close to 45 minutes. The teeth whitening which usually follows the cleaning takes another 45-60 minutes depending on what shade your teeth are to begin with.

Q: How does the laser teeth whitening system work?
A: The translucent bleaching gel is applied to the teeth and a laser light is used to activate the crystals to absorb the energy from the light and penetrate the teeth enamel to increase the lightning effect on the teeth. The biggest advantage of this procedure is that one visit is all that usually takes for a beautiful bright smile.

Q: Do you bill my dental insurance for the teeth whitening?
A: Laser teeth whitening is not a covered expense by any dental insurance company as it is considered cosmetics. Therefore, we do not bill your dental insurance company is not billed for laser teeth whitening.

Q: Is the teeth whitening process painful?
A: The process is not only NOT painful but most of our patients enjoy their 45 minutes with us. With our DVD goggles and a selection of tv shows and episodes to watch from, your 45 minutes with us will feel like a few seconds we guarantee it.

Q: What do I have to be careful of after the teeth whitening?
A: As long as you make sure to stay away from foods that might stain your teeth for the first few days, you will be happy with your results. If you do have to eat or drink food items that you think might stain your teeth, rinse your mouth with water right after you are finished to prevent staining.

Q: How do I maintain my brand new smile?
A: We will provide you with all the products you need as part of the promotion to help you maintain your whiter smile. We supply you with professional britesmile teeth whitening toothpastes along with our famous teeth whitening pen for touch ups before going out or simply after a meal or a cup of coffee.

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Invisalign Promotions

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Frequently Asked Questions About Invisalign

Q: What does the free consultation include?
A: The free consultation includes a full diagnostic examination and treatment planning that will determine whether you are a good candidate for invisalign and how long your treatment can be expected to take from start to finish.

Q: Does Invisalign really work?
A: Yes, It has been clinically proven that in both research studies and actual orthodontic practice nationwide that Invisalign is effective at straightening teeth. And yes, without metal or wires.

Q: What do the aligners look like and what are they made of?
A: The aligners are what is shaped specifically to your mouth. They are made of a clear plastic that is nearly invisible when worn. The plastic is medical grade and very strong. There are a lot of skeptics out there who don’t think Invisalign is virtually invisible. Invisalign braces are not completely unnoticeable, but you will keep a much lower profile than our metal counterparts. The aligners look a lot like whitening trays, but are custom fit to your mouth and needs.

Q: Does My Insurance cover Invisalign?
A: Everyone’s coverage is different and benefits differ from policy to policy so it is best to look over what your Insurance covers and to talk to your Invisalign dentist. If you have Orthodontic coverage, Invisalign should be covered just like traditional braces. But this is a tough one to answer because it really depends.

Q: I heard Braces hurt! Is Invisalign Painful?
A: The first few days of the Invisalign treatment are the most painful. So yes, there are Invisalign pains.The same goes for traditional braces. You have to remember that your teeth are moving, when that happens, bones break. Your teeth heal and settle and are sore from the initial movement. Once the first few days are over your teeth should be less sensitive and you shouldn’t be in pain.

Q: What are the benefits of choosing Invisalign?
A: When comparing Invisalign to traditional braces the benefits are simple to see. The most obvious benefit is being able to straighten your teeth without anyone noticing. The nearly invisible braces win over metal brackets and wires any day. Another benefit is being able to remove the aligners. The daily tasks of eating, drinking, and brushing your teeth do not have to become a hassle with braces. You can remove them easily. Comfort is another huge benefit of Invisalign. NO METAL so there is less irritation on your gums and tongue. No wires and brackets also means less time in the doctors chair getting those adjustments. Most Invisalign patients go back every 6 weeks, but it depends on the dentist/orthodontist. Lastly, with Invisalign, you are able to view your progress throughout the treatment with ClinCheck software. It is great to see a goal in front of you and progress happening.

Q: I heard about Invisalign Express… What is it?
A: Invisalign Express is very similar to the full treatment, but treats more mild orthodontic conditions like minor crowding, or spacing. The treatment usually takes less than 6 months and is less costly then the full treatment. It is up to you and your dentist to decide which treatment would be best for you.

Q: How does Invisalign move your teeth?
A: This is a great question, because we are so used to metal brackets and wires being able to move our monstrous teeth and roots, however Invisalign’s biomechanics are very similar to that of traditional braces. Instead of pulling the teeth, the aligners press directly on the teeth, shaping and moving them in the direction of the aligners. The movements are very deliberate and part of the treatment, it is important that you keep your aligners in as long as you can, so that you can progress through the treatment as planned.

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Sonicare Promotions

Frequently Asked Questions About Sonicare

Q: What is the difference between a sonicare and a regular electronic toothbrush?
A: You can pretty much say that a sonicare is an “electronic toothbrush” on steroids. Sonice toothbrushes generally vibrate at 30,000 to 40,000 strokes per minute versus an electronic toothbrush that only vibrates at 2,500 to 7,000 strokes per minute.

Q:How does a sonicare clean better than an average manual or electronic toothbrush?
A: With the sonicare vibrating upto 40,000 strokes per minute, it is able to clean the areas where bristles don’t even touch. The extreme vibration creates a substantial amount of energy and motion, powering mouth fuids (saliva, water, toothpaste) into the areas between teeth and below the gum line. The result is these areas are given an amount of attention that otherwise would not happen with a standard (or electric) toothbrush.

Q: Can I brush a shorter amount of time with the sonicare?
A: Studies show that people actually brush longer with the sonicare because it comes with a built in timer as opposed to a regular brush where most people brush for as long or as little as they please.

Q: Can I skip flossing if I use a sonicare?
A: Definitely not but the combination of sonicare and flossing will certainly serve you better in covering all your bases (but congratulations on flossing and doing well in that area :-)! )

Q: How much does the sonicare cost in retail?
A: A Sonicare ranges anywhere between $120-$200.

Q: Is there a catch to me getting a free sonicare?
A: No catch, as long as you have dental insurance that will cover your check-up and cleaning wth us. If you don’t have dental insurance, make sure to call ahead and get the office fees for the check-up and the cleaning.

More Questions? Feel free to call us at (212)-245-9400 or email us and we will be more than happy to help!