Who We Are

Fuller Smiles is a warm and inviting dental practice located in New York City and five locations in Southern California. Built on the philosophy that the dental experience is something that patients should want to do, rather than something they feel like they have to do, Fuller Smiles delivers the highest quality dental services in a package that promotes total ease and relaxation for its patients.

Fuller Smiles alleviates dental anxiety by operating on the principle that the best way to keep patients tranquil in the office and satisfied when they get home is to make sure that they’re well-informed about their conditions and treatments. They also keep their patients at ease by performing their services with unparalleled skill and the latest technology available to modern dentistry.

The entire Fuller Smiles team makes sure to stay abreast of all the latest developments in the field by attending numerous continuing education seminars every year, ensuring that patients are receiving the most advanced treatment available today. The practice also maintains a position at the forefront of the innovative and rapidly developing field of cosmetic dentistry so that patients can achieve their aesthetic goals in addition to maintaining optimum oral health.

The office at Fuller Smiles reflects the rest of the practice’s dedication to customer service. The state-of-the-art facility has a spa-like atmosphere that’s full of comforts and amenities that invite patients into a state of serenity. Many patients say that they would rather stay in the offices than go back to work. Come find out why.